[Ewha Womans University Institute of Mathematical Science] Recruitment
글쓴이 : KSIAM
작성일 : 2021-03-09

[Ewha Womans University Institute of Mathematical Science]

Recruitment Announcement for Research Professors and Postdoctoral Researchers


Ewha Womans University Institute of Mathematical Science(EIMS) invites excellent research professors and postdoctoral researchers in the field of computational mathematics. EIMS manages the Core Research Center Support Project(June 2019~February 2025) funded by the Korea Research Foundation and the professors participating work on the various research projects. EIMS operates a number of support systems to provide a stable research environment to researchers, to cultivate research capabilities and to promote academic activities.


1. Title: Research Professor, Postdoctoral Researcher

2. Scheduled appointment date: April 2021 (Appointment period can be negotiated)

3. Field of invitation: encryption/coding, numerical/video or statistics/information or related fields

4. Terms of contract

-Appointment as a research professor or postdoctoral researcher depending on experience and re-contract for 1 or 3 years

-Annual salary is more than 36 million won for research professors and 30 million won or more for postdoctoral researchers

-Additional incentives based on performance and research expenses for academic activities planned

5. Application deadline: March 21 (Sun), 2021

6. How to apply: E-mail application ims@ewha.ac.kr

7. Inquiries: Ewha Womans University Mathematical Science Research Institute Administrative Office

(Phone) 02-3277-6990, (E-mail) ims@ewha.ac.kr



* Basic documents to be submitted: Resume (including research results), research proposal (free form), and a letter of recommendation

* Appointed (planned): career certificate, doctoral degree certificate, transcripts after bachelor's degree, copy of published thesis



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