[ICIAM] Dianoia. Volume 9, Issue 1 January 2021
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작성일 : 2021-03-02

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ICIAM Dianoia. Volume 9, Issue 1 January 2021

ICIAM Dianoia: The Newsletter of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Welcome to the first issue of ICIAM Dianoia for 2021. In this issue you will find the first news of ICIAM 2023, as well as news from two organizations that ICIAM supports: CIMPA and the International Science Council. Research opportunities for mathematicians interested in ocean science are presented in an article about CNRS's venture in this area. And, as always, updates on other meetings, and funding possibilities, particularly in developing countries appear here. The Editorial Board welcomes contributions from all ICIAM member societies, and encourages society representatives and individuals to send articles and letters for publication. 

Newsletter contents

Message from the President of ICIAM

A message from Ya-xiang Yuan, President of ICIAM (Ya-xiang Yuan)

ICIAM Conference Support for Applied and Industrial Mathematics in Developing Countries

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICIAM has expanded its conference
support to include virtual meetings.

Leadership Changes in ICIAM Member Societies

This is a new column, which we plan to publish periodically. Because so many societies implement leadership changes at the beginning of calendar year, the January issue of ICIAM Dianoia seems like an opportunity to update ICIAM's members on their colleagues' happenings.

Changing Your Society's Membership Information

ICIAM maintains a self-service membership directory at http://www.iciam.org/members. Please take this opportunity to check your membership information, and update it if appropriate. (The 2020 ICIAM Officers)

First News from ICIAM 2023

The Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA), founded in France in 1978, is a nonprofit organization that promotes research in Mathematics in developing countries. Located in Nice, it is a UNESCO Category 2 organization. It benefits from the financial support of France, Norway, Spain and Switzerland. (Maria J. Esteban)

About the International Science Council in 2020 - 2021

The International Science Council (ISC) was created in 2018 as the result of a merger between the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC). It is a non-governmental organization with a unique global membership that brings together 40 international scientific Unions and Associations and over 140 national and regional scientific organizations including Academies and Research Councils. (Maria J. Esteban)

Two events of the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics, SeMA

The biennial congress of the SeMA, due for last June, 2020, had to be postponed due the current public health situation all over the world. It will be held in Gijón, Spain, next 14-18 June 2021. Both online and face-to-face participation will be possible.

Interview: Building interdisciplinarity around Ocean sciences

The UN general assembly has proclaimed the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-30). The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) is among the world's leading research institutions. Its scientists explore the living world, matter, mathematics, the universe, and the functioning of human societies in order to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow. How does this institution plan to address the specific issue of the ocean, and what role may mathematics play? (David Lannes)

Mathematical Congress of the Americas: 2021 Congress Moves Online

The 2021 Mathematical Congress of the Americas announces: Due to  current uncertainty about the possibility of traveling  next year, and in order to make planning ahead possible, the Steering Committee has decided to make MCA 2021 a fully online event. The dates are 19-24 July, 2021. For more information, see the Congress Website: www.mca2021.org

The World Academy of Sciences: Research Grants for Developing Countries

The Call for Applications is now open for the research grants for developing world scientists at TWAS, the World Academy of Sciences. https://twas.org

Call for Nominations: 2021 AMU-PACOM Awards and Medals

The African Mathematical Union announces the call for nominations for the 2021 PanAfrican Congress of Mathematicians Awards and Medals

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