KSIAM Membership
글쓴이 : KSIAM
작성일 : 2005-03-24
Dear KSIAM Members, All KSIAM2004 Participants who submitted KSIAM membership application have been enrolled as KSIAM Members. In order to get full authorities as KSIAM members, you have to join and modify your information at homepage again. But it is very easy to join membership : 1) Visit http://ksiam.org 2) Click ">Join<" key of the right top frame. 3) Input your email that you used to register KSIAM2004 and click "Enter key" You can see your information below. 4) Input your new password and Korean name if you are korean and change your information if you need. 5) Confirm your password and then click "Enter" key. 6) Now, you can login at the right top frame and you will get several benifits as KSIAM members. We organize KSIAM 2005 Conference in spring, please register ASAP. Best regards, The Committee of KSIAM