Plenary Speakers :

  Ha, Seung Yeal(Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University )
 A panoramic view of the collective dynamics
  Sung, Hyung Jin(mechanical engineering, KAIST )
 Logarithmic behavior of wall-attached structures in a turbulent boundary layer
  Hiroshi Kokubu(Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University )
 Computer-assisted approach to the global dynamics of multi-parameter systems

Special Session Speakers :

 Cameron Farnsworth (Mathematics, Yonsei University)
 Sums of Squares and Wavelet Frame Generators
(with Youngmi Hur)
 우영호 (CAMP, NIMS)
  Industrial problems of algebraic geometry and related topics
(with )
 Han, Kangjin (기초학부, DGIST)
 Identifiability of symmetric tensors and singularity of secants of Veronese varieties
 Moon Hyunsuk (자연과학연구소, KAIST)
 Robot workspace and semi-algebraic geometry
 Jeonggyu Huh (Mathematics, Yonsei university)
 Pricing Options with Exponential Lévy Neural Network
 Yong-Ki Ma (Department of Applied Mathematics, Kongju National University)
 Data analysis using stochastic volatility models
 박형빈 (Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National Univeristy)
 A sensitivity analysis of the long-term expected utility of optimal portfolios
(with Stephan Sturm)
 Younhee Lee (Department of Mathematics, Chungnam National University)
 Beyond the Black-Scholes model : Focusing on the dynamics of jumps
 이상아 (기계항공공학부, 서울대학교)
 Uncertainty-based Design Optimization for High Pressure Turbine Using CFD
(with Kwanjung Yee)
 Hyoung Seog Chung (항공우주공학과, 공군사관학교)
 전산유체역학을 활용한 항공기 동안정성 예측
(with 권기범)
 채상현 (항공기체계부, 한국항공우주연구원)
 CFD를 활용한 200kg급 무인헬기동체 공력해석과 데이터베이스 구축
 Febriyan Prayoga (Aerospace Information Engineering, Konkuk University)
 Aerodynamic Database Construction for Flight Dynamics Model of Low Subsonic Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV
 Shingo Iwami (Department of Biology, Kyushu University)
 IPK/PD/VD modeling for multi-drug treatment on HCV infection
 Mitsuaki Takaki (Department of Biology, Kyushu University)
 Development of a quantitative simulator of HTLV-1 proviral integration sites
(with Shingo Iwami)
 Dongsun Lee (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
 Large-scale RNA-Seq data analysis
 Jae Kyoung Kim (수리과학과, KAIST)
 Beyond the century of the Michaelis-Menten equation
 Shinji Nakaoka (Institute of Industrial Science, JST PRESTO)
 Invasibility threshold and persistence of bacterial species
(with NA)
 Ryo Yamaguchi (Department of Biological Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
 Gene flow by urbanization: predictions on population structure of Aedes aegypti
 HyojungLee (Graduate school of Medicine, Hokkaido University)
 Probability of the End of the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic with Sexual Transmission
(with Hiroshi Nishiura)
 Eunha Shim (수학과, 숭실대학교)
 Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases with consideration of public health policies
 엄준상 (AEG, MathWorks)
 MathWorks Special Session
(with Jun Sang Eom; Jang Won Lee; Ken Dunstan; Young Woo Kim)
 Ken Dunstan (Education business manager, APAC region, Mathworks)
 Are scientists and engineers ready to use algorithms of AI and Deep learning in real-world problems?
 이창민 (기초과학연구원, 서울대학교)
 A new algorithm for the variants of approximate greatest common divisor problem
 Maki Yoshida (-, NICT, Japan)
 Information-Theoretically Secure Multi-Party Computation with Minimal Interaction
(with )
 Jon-Lark Kim (Mathematics, Sogang University)
 Introduction to McNie, a code-based public key encryption scheme
(with Lucky Galvez, Young-Sik Kim, Myeong-Jae Kim, Nari Lee)
 Katsuyuki Takashima (-, ITC, Mitsubishi Electric, Japan)
 Efficient Algorithms for Isogeny Sequences and Their Cryptographic Applications
(with )
 Yinglong Zhang (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University)
 Synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators
(with Seung-Yeal Ha, Dohun Kim, Dongnam Ko, Jaeseung Lee)
 Dongnam Ko (수리과학부, 서울대학교)
 Time-asymptotic interactions of two ensembles of Cucker-Smale flocking particles
(with Seung-Yeal Ha, Xiongtao Zhang, Yinglong Zhang)
 Yangjin Kim (Mathematics, Konkuk University)
  Complex Role of NK cells in regulation of OV-Bortezomib therapy
(with Ji Young Yoo, Tae Jin Lee, Joseph Liu, Jianhua Yu, Michael A. Caligiuri, Balveen Kaur and Avner Friedman)
 Yasumasa Nishiura (Mathematics, AIMR, Tohoku University, Japan)
 Frustrated nanoparticles and their metamorphosis
(with )
 Junseok Kim (Mathematics, Korea University)
(with Darae JEONG )
 Zhijian Yang (Department of Information and Computational Sciences, Wuhan University)
 On the Cauchy-Born Approximation: at Finite Temperature and with Dilute Defects
(with )
 Hirofumi Notsu (School of Mathematics and Physics, Kanazawa University)
 The gradient flow structure of the Maxwell viscoelastic model and a structure-preserving finite element scheme
(with )
 Pingbing MING (-, AMSS, CAS)
 A hybrid numerical method for composite materials with local defects
(with Yufang Huang and Jianfeng Lu)
 Jin Woo Park (기술연구소, 마이다스아이티)
(with Sungwoon WOO, Heungson LEE, Taeho LEE and Youngwoo JO)
 김정호 (항공우주공학과, 인하대학교)
 Artificial Neural Network Applications for Structural Health Monitoring in Aircraft Landing
(with 정선호, 조진연)
 신상준 (기계항공공학부, 서울대학교)
 Parallel computation for three-dimensional static/transient analysis based on FETI methods
(with Hyun Shig JOO , Taeyoung CHUN , Haeseong CHO)
 정성남 (Aerospace, 건국대)
(with Sung Nam Jung, Manoj K. Dhadwal)
 황강욱 (수리과학과, KAIST)
 Adaptive Control Scheme in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
(with 이명우)
 Yoora Kim (수학과, 울산대학교)
 Statistical Analysis of Connectivity in Vehicular Networks
 김제림 (수학과, 서울시립대학교)
 Analysis of a Markovian feedback queue with multi-class customers and its application to the weighted round-robin queue
(with Bara Kim, Hsing Luh)
 김바라 (수학과, 고려대학교)
 Stochastic order related to multivariate normal distributions
(with Jeongsim Kim)

List of Participants :

 Gwanghyun Jo(한국과학기술원, 수리과학과 )
Enriched Immersed Finite Element Method for Hele-Shaw Flows with Two Different Fluids (BP)
 Park, Jongho(KAIST, 수리과학과 )
A Finite Element Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Method with Lagrange Multipliers for the Dual Total Variation Minimizations (BP)
 Junpyo Park(UNIST, Mathematical Sciences )
Mutation in the rock-paper-scissors system (BP)
 Hwang Byung-hoon(성균관대학교, 수학과 )
Relativistic BGK model of Anderson-Witting type (BP)
 조중희(서울대학교, 수리과학부 )
Structure tensor total variation and its extension (BP)
 Bae Gi Chan(성균관대학교, 수학과 )
Quantum BGK model near a global Fermi-Dirac distribution (BP)
 조승연(성균관대학교, 수학과 )
High order conservative Semi-Lagrangian scheme for the BGK model of the Boltzmann equation (BP)
 Jaeseong Jang(국가수리과학연구소, 산업수학전략연구부 )
 Jaemin Shin(Ewha Womans University, Institute of Mathematical Sciences )
Application of Convex Splitting Runge-Kutta method to the phase-field crystal equation (BP)
 Yunyoung Park(Chung-Ang University, Mathematics )
Locomotion of a single-flagellated bacterium (BP)
 Han-Soo Choi(서울대학교, 계산과학협동과정 )
Curvature-weighted Surface Simplification Algorithm using Vertex-based Geometric Features (BP)
 Myeongmin Kang(서울대학교, 수학연구소 )
The Sparse Representation Model for Image Deblurring under Random Valued Impulse Noise (BP)
 Sat byul Seo(경남대학교, 수학교육과 )
Mathematical Modeling of Neurotransmitters Release for Independent Synaptic Currents. (BP)
 Eun-Hee Park(Kangwon National University, School of General Studies )
A DD Solver for Fourth Order Elliptic Problems (BP)
 Choi, Yongho(고려대학교, BK21플러스 수리과학사업단 )
Finite difference method for a conservative Allen-Cahn equation on non-flat surfaces (BP)
 Byungjoon Lee(Catholic University of Korea, Department of Mathematics )
Particle Mesh Method(PMM) for Convection-Dominated Flow avoiding the Ringing Instability (BP)
 이동구(건국대학교, 수학과)
  How can a failure in immune balance (Th17, Neutrophil, Tregs) lead to tumor invasion in lung cancer development : A Mathematical model (POSTER)
 이준호(건국대학교, 수학과)
  Synergetic effect of bortezomib on oncolytic virus: signaling pathways (POSTER)
 RUI YANG(Pusan National Univesity, Mathematics)
  Blow-up phenomena for a quasilinear parabolic equation with time-dependent coecient source under homogeneous Neumann boundary condition (POSTER)
 Malik Muhammad Ibrahhim (Pusan National University , Mathematics )
  Control Malaria through media Awareness: A Mathematical Modeling Approach (POSTER)
 Chun Jae Park(Konkuk university, mathematics)
  Spurious pressure in Scott-Vogelius (POSTER)
 Hong JaeHyoung(KAIST( Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ), 수리과학과)
  Analyzing sleep pattern of shift workers via Phillips-Chen-Robinson model (PCR model) (POSTER)
 kim sang kwon(Korea University, Mathematics)
  코딩 수학 콘텐츠 연구 (POSTER)
 JeongEuiMin(KAIST, 수리과학과)
  Mathematical Modeling for Pacemaker-neuron-dependent Molecular Rhythm Alteration by Drosophila Clock Mutant (POSTER)
 Lee, Seyeon(UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  Stability and Hopf bifurcation Analysis in the Fractional order predator-prey biological economic system with Holling type II functional response (POSTER)
 채석주(KAIST, Department of Mathematical Sciences)
  Network inference of circadian clock (POSTER)
 임연철(UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  Coexistence and pattern formations in the rock-paper-scissors game on the heterogeneous lattice system (POSTER)
 Keon Ho Kim(UNIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  A High-Order Method for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems of Fractional Differential Equations (POSTER)
 Kim, Hyundong(고려대학교, 수학과)
  Explicite hybrid numerical algorithm for the efficient 3D volume reconstruction using a phase-field method (POSTER)
 YANG JUNXIANG(Korea University, Mathematics)
  Phase-field simulation of Rayleigh Instability on a fibre (POSTER)
 SUN,XIANG(Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
 Seongyoon Kim(Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
 Park eonyoung(UNIST, Mathematical science)
  Korean Text Clustering With Syllable Vectors (POSTER)
 Chaeyoung Lee(고려대학교, 수학과)
 SHEIKH MOHD IBRAHIM(Pusan National University, Mathematics)
  Some inequalities concerning the maximum modulus of a polynomial (POSTER)
  • Bongsoo Jang (UNIST, Mathematical Scicences)
  • Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST, 수리과학과)
  • Chantara Tann (Korea, Mathematics)
  • DASOM CHOI (Pusan national university, Mathematics)
  • Eunok Jung (건국대학교, 수학과)
  • Geonwoo Kim (서울과학기술대학교, 기초교육학부)
  • Hanul Kim (연세대학교, 계산과학공학과)
  • Heonkyu Ha (연세대학교, 계산과학공학과)
  • HWESUNGRYU (Yonsei, Mathematics )
  • Hyojae Lim (Yonsei Univ., Mathematics)
  • Hyun Tae Cho (서울대학교, 수리과학부)
  • Jang Eun Ji (Pusan national university, Mathematics)
  • JangGeunSoo (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • Jeon, Soomin (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • JIN KYU YU (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Joo HyunShik (서울대학교, 기계항공공학부)
  • Jung-Il Choi (Yonsei University, Department of Computational Science and Engineering)
  • Junwoo Kim (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Kim Tae Hyeong (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • Kim, Donghyun (Pusan National University, Mathematics)
  • Kim, Hyun-min (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • KO YOUNGSUK (Konkuk Univ., Mathematics)
  • KSIAM (0, 0)
  • Lee, June-Yub (Ewha womans University, Mathematics)
  • Lee, Yong Hun (전북대학교, 수학과)
  • Seong-Eun Kim (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • SeongGeun Shin (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Seunggyu Lee (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Division of Advanced Researches for Industrial Mathematics)
  • Shin, Byeong-Chun (Chonnam National University, Mathematics)
  • Sung gwang oh (konkuk university, Mathematics)
  • Sunhwa Choi (National Cancer Center, Cancer Control and Population Health)
  • Tan Hoang Cao (SUNY Korea, Applied Mathematics and Statistics )
  • TIANTIAN XU (Yonsei university, Computational science and engineering)
  • Wang Jian (Korea University, Mathematics)
  • Yeonhyang Kim (Central Michigan University, Mathematics)
  • Yoon Ji-Hun (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • Youngkyu Lee (KAIST, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Yun Shinwon (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • 강명주 (서울대학교, 수리과학부)
  • 구혜민 (이화여자대학교, 수학과)
  • 남성욱 (부산대학교, 수학과)
  • 이석민 (홍익대학교, 교양과)
  • 전태영 (서울대학교, 기계항공공학부)