Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering are now widely accepted, along with theory and experiment, as a crucial tool of scientific investigation and engineering design. A wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automobile, biological, chemical, semiconductor, environmental engineering, sesmic exploration, entertainment areas, and IT now rely on mathematical theories and simulations for R&D and technical decision support.

KSIAM is conducting conferences to draw attention to broad range of mathematical theories/methods and computational efforts on problems arising from science and engineering. One of major aims of KSIAM's conferences is to provide opportunities for the development and encouragement of industrial, government and academic collaboration, and the training of the next generation of scientists in Korea.

안내사항 Guide

금번 학술대회는 강릉 탑스텐 호텔에서 오프라인으로 진행되며, 동시에 ZOOM을 통해 송출 예정입니다.

발표장 입장이 제한될수 있습니다.(COVID-19로 인한 인원제한)

현장에서는 방역수칙을 철저히 따르고 안전을 기하며 학회를 진행할 예정입니다.

KSIAM conference will be held at Gangneung TopsTen Hotel on site.

It will be sent out through ZOOM for online participants.

Admission to the presentation hall could be restricted (Due to COVID-19)
We will follow the regulations for prevention with careful management.

특별세션, 일반세션 온라인 참여 Participating Online

1) 사전결제를 완료하셔야 안내링크 및 커피쿠폰이 발송됩니다.

2) 온라인 발표시, ZOOM을 통해 실시간으로 진행됩니다.

1) Information link and coffee coupon will be sent only when pre-payment is completed.
2) For online presentation, 
presents online using ZOOM.

영수증 발급

1) 카드전표는 온라인 결제후 이메일로 송부됩니다.(스팸메일함도 확인해주세요)