[IBS] BIMAG 스페셜 콜로퀴움 (Advice to my younger self)
글쓴이 : KSIAM
작성일 : 2021-04-19

IBS BIMAG 스페셜 콜로퀴움 (Advice to my younger self)

이번 수요일 (21일) 오후 5시에 학생, 포스트닥, 주니어 패컬티 분들을 위한 IBS BIMAG  스페셜 콜로퀴움이 열립니다. 아래 링크에 공개된 줌을 통해 선착순 100명까지 참여할 수 있습니다.  


Advice to my younger self, Olaf Wolkenhauer (University of Rostock, Germany)

Age brings the benefit of experience and looking back at my job as a professor, there are a couple of things that fall into the category “I wish someone had told me that earlier”. In this seminar, I would like to share some of the things I learned and which, I hope, will be useful for younger scientists. The questions I will touch upon include 

What is productivity, for a scientist? 

What are qualities of successful people?

 How can one create motivation and success? 

How to organize myself? (project management; getting things done) How to communicate effectively? 

The seminar is targeted at PhD students, postdocs, and junior group leaders.