2019 International Joint Conference on AI & Data Science
글쓴이 : KSIAM
작성일 : 2019-09-26

2019 International Joint Conference on AI & Data Science: Mathematics and Applications

The 1st international conference on AI & Data Science & the 4th Ajou Data Science Forum

Date: November 4 (Monday) – November 5 (Tuesday)

** NOTE: 10/27/2019 – 11/2/2019, ICCV 2019 (COEX, Seoul, Korea), 11/7/2019 – 11/8/2019, NVIDIA AI Conference (COEX, Seoul, Korea)

Venue: Suwon Convention Center (http://www.scc.or.kr)

Conference Rationale: 

Discoveries made in the area of AI and Data Science spreads rapidly across borders to make a global impact. In the same way, investigating and solving problems in these areas should be approached with a global mindset. The conference brings together researchers and mathematicians working in the field of data science and AI particularly from those institutions where AI- and Data Science related departments and programs are recently established. Collaboration among those institutions, who recently established related research programs and have been actively involved in the area, would result in a synergistic effect by exchanging fresh ideas among researchers and exposing students and faculty to fresh perspectives and enable a broader scale of research initiatives.